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Corporate sustainability

At Huella Responsable we help our clients integrate sustainability into their business model through a process that requires commitment, leadership, innovation and planning:

  • Adapting it to the size and life cycle of each SME.
  • Through a flexible work model based on continuous improvement.
  • Divided into simple stages that are adapted to the sector of activity and to its human and financial capacities.

We offer tailor-made solutions for SMEs in terms of business sustainability:

Analysis & Strategy

We carry out stakeholder analysis, double materiality analysis, integration of the SDGs and design the sustainability strategy according to the degree of evolution of each company.

Tailor-made training

We help to understand the pillars that underpin sustainability in order to drive change to the people involved.

Communication & Reporting

We help small and medium-sized companies
companies to prepare their sustainability reports to value performance

Analysis & Strategy

Huella Responsable designs and develops the CSR master plan focusing on the generation of value and the economic sustainability of SMEs. Huella Responsable designs and develops the CSR master plan focusing on the generation of value and the economic sustainability of SMEs.

  • Initial diagnosis.
  • Market Analysis and Research.
  • Align the business strategy with the SDGs.
  • Strategic Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Design of phases according to the reality of the SME.
  • Workshops to involve employees in a common project to contribute to local and global development.
  • Monitoring and measuring impact: dashboard.
  • CSR management system adapted to SMEs.
  • Responsible communication plan to improve the relationship with stakeholders.
  1. Context and competence.
  2. Stakeholder needs and expectations.
  3. Risks.
  4. Objectives and Strategy.
  5. Indicators.
  6. Actions and their planning.
  7. Evaluation. Proposals for improvement.

"When the planet is a stakeholder, how you grow matters"

As a result, you will achieve a positive impact on your company’s reputation and greater access to sources of financing derived from improved risk control. Your company will be able to maintain a more motivated and committed team and this will result in a reduction in your labor costs.

Tailor-made training

We offer workshops and courses on sustainability that are tailored to the needs of SMEs that want to improve their economic, social and environmental impact.


To offer a comprehensive vision of sustainable development that raises awareness among participants and helps them internalize the motto of Responsible Footprint: if you change, everything changes.

The Responsible Footprint training workshops are adapted to different audiences and profiles, from local public administrations (city councils, provincial councils, etc.) to management teams of small and medium-sized companies, middle management, associations, schools and universities, etc.

  • Business Ethics and Sustainability.
  • 2030 Agenda and SDGs.
  • Responsible consumption.
  • Communication and reporting on sustainability issues.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Sustainability and reputation.

Communication & Reporting

Huella Responsable helps you improve communication with your stakeholders through sustainability reports that invite you to read and adapt to the information needs of each audience.

According to Law 11/2018:

Huella Responsable designs, plans and prepares the Non-Financial Information Report, in order to comply with current regulations based on Law 11/2018.

According to the legal text, the minimum contents of the information to be reported are:

  1. Business model.
  2. Description of policies.
  3. Policy outcomes.
  4. Main risks and impacts.
  5. Key indicators.

> Consultation on compliance with Law 11/2018

According to the GRI – Global reporting initiative standard:

Huella Responsable develops corporate social responsibility reports for small and medium-sized companies that want to comply with the GRI Communication Standard, the most recognized and used nationally and internationally.

Contents to consider:

  1. Fundamentals.
  2. Profile of the organization, strategy, ethics and integrity, governance, stakeholders and practices in the preparation of the report.
  3. Management Approach:
    • Economic performance.
    • Environmental performance.
    • Social performance.

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