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A team that leaves its mark

Huella Responsable can help your organization in the field of corporate communication and sustainability. corporate sustainability.

Huella Responsable was born at the end of 2018.

The team is made up of Sonia Gómez, an expert in communication and CSR, and David Villacañas, who has extensive experience in the field of sustainability and the environment.

Together they form a very special and synergistic tandem that works on sustainability from a new perspective on life and an emotional bond with nature, beyond reason and knowledge.

Huella Responsable has solid experience in the field of:

sustainability, corporate social responsibility, the environment, market research, communication and responsible marketing.

Sonia Gomez


David Villacañas


We believe in the importance of COLLABORATION in the business environment. We work with a community of organizations that prioritize sustainability and envision a world that puts people and the natural environment at the center. We have a network of highly experienced collaborators , who share the same values of solidarity, generosity, equity and who work every day to build a fairer world.

Huella Responsable promotes initiatives that promote the Ecosystem of Social Impact Companies of our country: we are multipliers of the B CORP movement, a business community both worldwide and in Spain, which has more than 2,500 companies in 50 countries working to make companies a regenerating force for society and the planet.

If you want your company to obtain the B CORP certification to be internationally recognized in the field of business ethics, sustainability and social responsibility, contact Huella Responsable because we can guide you and facilitate the process to become a social impact SME.

Our Mission & Vision

VISION: To achieve an evolution of entrepreneurship driven by ethics and responsibility to achieve a new economic and business model that is truly sustainable.

MISSION: To be agents of change to humanize the business model that allows for sustainable development.

A team with values


Because there are many things in life.


Because it is the key to achieving authentic and lasting human relationships.


Because it helps us to make changes positive and identify new opportunities.


Because our solid knowledge and experience guarantee a work that pursues excellence.


Because we adapt to the reality of each sector, each company and each work team.


Because we offer a quick response, in line with the reality of SMEs.

A team that puts its CSR into practice

At Huella Responsable, CSR is part of our service and our management. We are aware that sustainable development can only be achieved by the sum of all efforts, even small ones. We want the balance of our own footprint to be positive and add to the overall calculation. That’s why we make commitments to sustainability and have a strategy in place to deliver on them.

We direct our skills to promote changes in the people and companies with which we interact every day, both professionally (potential and current clients, collaborators…) and personally. This also extends to our purchasing decisions (sustainable purchases, recycled materials, second-hand…), energy consumption (renewable energies) and other natural resources.

To promote change, it is essential to value knowledge in order to transform habits, responsible consumption as a catalyst for business change and collaboration to weave networks in a new ecosystem that protects the common good and allows the construction of solid and lasting alliances. Based on this strategy, we define our main lines of action in terms of CSR:

  1. Free training for the stakeholders of Huella Responsable’s clients.
  2. Dissemination of good practices and advances in social responsibility in our internal channels (website and social networks) and in external channels (presentations at workshops, conferences, etc.)
  3. Raising awareness about sustainability and responsible consumption in business schools, educational centres, libraries and schools.

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