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Communication and reporting of sustainability information

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communication involves the proactive disclosure of a company’s ethical and sustainable actions and practices. This process seeks to inform stakeholders about the social and environmental impact of operations, highlighting the commitment to ethical values and the contribution to sustainability. On the other hand, the Non-Financial Information Report provides a structured framework for presenting data on environmental, social and corporate governance aspects, providing a comprehensive view of the company’s responsible management.


Today’s communication through social networks is based on the desire to make ourselves known to others, to spread the image we want others to have of us, but communicating from ethics implies the desire to know the other, on the basis of an exchange. Communication is a determining factor in the construction of an ethic.

It is important to give visibility to the CSR of companies that are doing really well in order to ensure that the existence of this other way of doing business is perceived. Communicating social responsibility is key, not as a mere marketing argument, but as a marketing channel.
Visualization, example and contagion of the responsible attitude in companies and the people who make them up.
Sustainability reporting has evolved considerably in recent years and is currently undergoing an unprecedented process of change. The value of this information for decision making, the importance of transparency in the business environment and the need to compare company performance has led to a rapid evolution in the reporting of this type of information. The regulatory push experienced in recent years, especially in the European Union (EU), supports this important change that aims to position sustainability information at the same level as financial information in the business world. In addition to regulations, the main sustainability reporting frameworks and standards are being updated to promote transparency and comparability of information.



Professionals with no experience in CSR communication who want to know the basics of sustainability reporting and have tools to put it into practice in their organizations.

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